I managed to get in.


He was dropped because of his running mate.

These days, kids no longer play in the street.

I have been to Kyoto.

I thought that you were going to come over last night.

It's a terrible affair.

Not one of the enemy will stay any longer.

Thank you for your interest in our company.


Larry has multicolored fingernails.

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I hate long flights.

He pushed his plan strongly.

Welcome to our 1st French class.

Many people who hear Hwa speaking French think he's a native speaker.

Look! There's a plane taking off.

Ralph doesn't want to buy anything else.

In the early part of my study, I allude to work that had already been done on the psychology of crowd-control.

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I write everything down; I feel uneasy without my notebook.

I found the play cathartic, and went home in a better mood.

Can I take my shirt off?


We want you to take it.

Ahmet likes people similar to himself.

Rajendra stayed at home by himself.

We had to do as they said.

Ritalynne is very naive.

The balance at the bank stands at two million yen.

What teams were playing?

I hate her, but I don't know why.

Your idea cannot be brand new. I heard about it from another source last year.

I don't believe they understood.

He went all the way to see her, only to find she was away.

Judging from the look of the sky, it is likely to rain.

He won by a small number of votes.

I would like to see Mr. Smith.

Success does not come from laziness.

That's really bad news.

The feeble patient is suffering from stomach cancer.

That's what I was hoping you could tell me.

The great Roman hero, Julius Caesar, was assassinated.


Why don't I pay them a visit?

You never say anything.

Would you help me out?


They intend to drag the river for the missing person.


Hunger urged him to steal.

Hillel is even scared of Jock.

Is there anyone called Sandy here?

Jagath threw a rock into the pond.

Do you enjoy the work?

If I start eating potato chips, I can't stop.

No arrests have been reported.

I forgot to phone him today.

On the bright side, at least more and more girls in Afghanistan are going to school.

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Darin didn't mean for this to happen.

Kees took a pistol out of his shoulder holster, checked it and put it back.

Rich is being held prisoner somewhere.

I'm sort of tired.

I know what they want me to do.

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Write to him.

I brought you a little something.

If you want to find out more information about this, please call us.


The resemblance was noted by a jocular English visitor.

Bradford waited calmly.

That's the reason we have to leave.

By the time I came, he'd gone away.

She didn't do it.


The evidence confirms it.

The majority of my patients come to me from out of town.

She twisted evidence.


Dorothy sent him a nice present.

You're a lie.

It did not last more than three minutes.

She divorced her husband.

Don't go, Sherri.

He came to school even though he was unwell.

You made a bargain with us.

I didn't understand her at first.

Keep going!


It's not safe to drive without wearing a seatbelt.


She was asked to write her name in ink.

The information is in a file in my computer.

It's time for you to wake up.

The Ribbon of Saint George is a symbol of fascism.

I don't like watching tennis with people who don't know anything about tennis.


Well, did you have a good weekend?

I like this work because you see the result immediately; it's very rewarding.

She won a phone.

I don't want to leave her.

Lars quickly closed the door before any mosquitoes could get in.

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We're not going to force Jill to do that.

I have a badge.

He has reached the end of his patience.

What made him so angry then, I wonder?

These pictures are being shown by courtesy of CNN.

The doesn't want Swamy to get involved.

Frederick was wearing a dress.

Stanly put on his sweater wrong side out.

The chances are that he has not heard the news yet.


We regarded the document as belonging to her brother.


Tell me that's not the truth.

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We've seen this happen before.

Lawrence flinched.

It often snows here.


It just was not my day yesterday.

Thank you. I used to play tennis in high school.

They are not my friends.

The barn is full of farm equipment and tools.

We're doing exactly what Patricio asked us to do.

I can't jump over that ditch.

Why are people afraid of us?

I didn't scream.

I'd like you to help me.

The demand is huge.

I know Saad doesn't love me.


How many weeks of vacation do you have?


"Are you going to put this on Kongregate?" "Yes, there is a two-week period where the game will only be available on Armor Games since they're sponsoring it, but I will upload it to Kongregate after that."

He actually hurt himself.

It rests with you to decide whom to choose for the job.

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That isn't a knife. THIS is a knife!

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Sorry I didn't have a chance to talk with you after the meeting.

We agreed it would be a small ceremony.

I gave my weapons away.


Mitchell doesn't have enough money to buy a house.

If only he could see you now.

They've come to make trouble.

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Matthew assumed Harmon would be late.

Acknowledge your own faults before criticizing others.

That's an ugly thought.

I need to find out what happened.

She sleeps with her boss.

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Is he planning on helping us?

I feel like I did nothing but eat these past two days.

I'm afraid that won't be possible.


You really don't have the right priorities!


He is staying with his aunt.


Usually newspapers and magazines have many opinions.

Some scientists predict that the world oil reserves will be used up within a century.

There need to be new regulations for export businesses.

Mitchell shovelled the snow off the roof after the snowstorm.

There must be some hope.

You should come with me sometime.

Kevan mentioned he was concerned about you.

Which of your parents do you think you look like?

You need an elevator if you want to go down twenty storeys.

I think the movie is almost over.

Don't cross your arms across your chest.

Zebras and giraffes are found at a zoo.

Don't tell Ahmed about our accident.

Michelle keeps getting hurt.

What are our thoughts on this?

Let's stop hurting each other.

The college was founded by Mr Smith.


Dan didn't even appear remorseful.

You may depend upon it that the story is exaggerated.

He had a copy made of this key.


The former president of a certain association has been arrested on suspicion of breach of trust.

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If it had not been for her advice, he would have failed.


Can I speak to the manager?

My mother signed up for the art course.

Someday I will buy a cotton candy machine.

I yelled for help.

The problem is that solar energy just costs too much.

I worry that, because the Japanese lines in this site are written with furigana, they take up a lot of space, and the people who don't even care about them in the first place might find them annoying.

Is it possible that you're wrong?

Jong is the only person in the office who can speak French.

I went into the navy.